News Government Manufacturing Economy
December 3, 2021  

US government sues to block $40 billion Nvidia Arm chip deal

(AP) The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday sued to

Feature Manufacturing Technology
November 5, 2021  

Opportunities for industrial manufacturers at the Intersection of sustainability, AI and ethics

How industrial manufacturers can leverage sustainability, artificial intelligence, and ethics to lastingly profitable ventures.

News Manufacturing General
October 25, 2021  

Plataine wins Frost & Sullivan’s Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its AI-based digital assistants for manufacturing

Frost & Sullivan analyzed the global market for digital assistants

News Electronics General
October 6, 2021  

GML and Framos partner to develop Life-Ready AI for 3D Industrial Vision

Framos and GrAI Matter Labs (GML) will unite at

News Electronics General
September 16, 2021  

Eigen Innovations partners with Intel

Eigen Innovations has partnered with Intel to optimize the performance of Eigen’s

News Manufacturing Technology
September 13, 2021  

Do we need humans for that job? Automation booms after COVID

(AP) Ask for a roast beef sandwich at an

News Electronics Manufacturing General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
August 23, 2021  

IBM unveils on-chip accelerated AI processor

At the annual Hot Chips conference, IBM unveiled details

News Manufacturing General Health & Safety
August 16, 2021  

Diagnos signs MoU with Essilor International

Diagnos Inc. has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding

News Automotive Manufacturing Operations Technology Watch & Listen
June 30, 2021  

PODCAST: Navigating the intersection of automotive and technology industries

LISTEN NOW: EPISODE GUEST: Greta Cutulenco SUMMARY: Guest Greta Cutulenco,

News Electronics Manufacturing General
June 17, 2021  

ThroughPut Inc. named A Top 10 Supply Chain Management Solution Provider 2021

ThroughPut Inc has been awarded the Top 10 Supply

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
June 14, 2021  

Minerva Intelligence and Clarity Gold announce Driver AI analysis

Minerva Intelligence announced the signing of a service provision

News Manufacturing gender challenges General Health & Safety News
June 2, 2021  

Sandvik launches smart packaging solution

Sandvik Coromant, part of Sandvik Group’s machining solutions division, will launch

Feature Manufacturing Technology Watch & Listen
April 26, 2021  

VIDEO: Interview with Humera Malik from Canvass AI

Recently, Plant’s associate editor, Maryam Farag, spoke with Humera Malik, CEO and Co-Founder, Canvass AI, as part of Women in Manufacturing’s Conversations with Industry Leaders series.

Tech Centre Electronics General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Technology
April 6, 2021  

Mitsubishi Electric SCADA lineup

Mitsubishi Electric renewed SCADA lineup, offers two types of

News Manufacturing General Technology
November 13, 2020  

AI can help in fight against COVID-19, if we don’t let fear stop us: Bengio

His studies show artificial intelligence was more accurate in predicting how many people can be infected from one person with COVID-19.

News Manufacturing General Technology
October 15, 2020  

Doc examines what Canadian-made AI system predicts for the US election

Polly is forecasting next month’s presidential election, using public social-media data and algorithms.

News Manufacturing General
June 25, 2020  

Minds Labs expands its global AI service presence in Toronto

Establishing headquarters for global growth, looking for local artificial intelligence talent.

News Electronics Manufacturing General
June 4, 2020  

Memory, power and AI semiconductors in 5G to hit US$15.03B by 2025

The market is rapidly transitioning to a growth stage driven by increasing data traffic, technological advancements.

News Electronics General
May 12, 2020  

Sidewalk Labs’ smart-city plans for Toronto are dead. What’s next?

Google company is withdrawing from its partnership with Waterfront Toronto, and a neighbourhood called Quayside.

News Manufacturing General
May 4, 2020  

Scale AI funds 8 projects for $3.4M amid COVID-19 crisis

They focus on AI technology mobilized for deployment through the public health sector.

News Manufacturing General Technology
March 31, 2020  

66% of businesses willing to share data with third-parties: report

…but they’re still cautious, and believe more clarity is needed in privacy regulation

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
February 25, 2020  

UN disarmament chief warns of AI’s ‘dark side’, Liberals tout benefits

Trudeau government sees it as a pillar of its economic-growth strategy, attracting foreign investment and creating a new skilled jobs sector.

News Manufacturing General Technology
January 2, 2020  

Schools prep for AI, climate and automation jobs of the future

Forecasting can prove difficult with so many of the jobs not yet been defined.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
January 2, 2020  

Doomsday’ scenario of mass layoffs due to AI unlikely: feds

Impacts of automation are likely to be felt most in areas such as rural towns reliant on manufacturing.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
August 6, 2019  

Artificial intelligence’s 2019 forecast: Three predictions for manufacturing

Voice-driven solutions, pick-and-place robots will lead.

News Manufacturing General Technology
July 9, 2019  

AI, robotics, automation unlikely to lead to mass job losses: Fraser Institute

Essay series contends new jobs will emerge as businesses and workers adapt.

Feature Manufacturing General Technology
July 4, 2019  

Canadian manufacturers exercising extreme caution in adopting technology

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News General
June 12, 2019  

San Francisco prosecutors turn to AI to reduce racial bias

The city last month became the first to ban the use of facial recognition.

News Electronics General
May 21, 2019  

Experts say Canada lacks laws to tackle life and death problems posed by AI

Canada has yet to develop a regulatory regime to deal with issues of discrimination and accountability to which AI systems are prone.

News Electronics General
April 17, 2019  

Microsoft deal means more access for all Canadian public servants: minister

Includes more digital communication tools for public servants with disabilities.

News Manufacturing General Technology
April 8, 2019  

Real or artificial? Tech titans declare AI ethics concerns

But efforts to assuage concerns their machines may be used for nefarious ends have not been universally embraced.

News Manufacturing General
March 25, 2019  

Billionaire couple donates $100M to U of T for innovation complex

Heather Reisman and Gerald Schwartz will help build a new innovation complex.