Honeywell Forge given award by Frost & Sullivan

Maryam Farag   

Industry Electronics advanced technology Frost & Sullivan Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award Honeywell Forge Innovation

Frost & Sullivan recognized Honeywell with the 2020 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

“Honeywell offers customers visibility into their operations and allows them to derive meaningful insights from disparate data through business intelligence,” said Chirag Rathi, Consulting Director, Frost & Sullivan. “Unlike competing technologies, Honeywell Forge enables industrial companies to convert massive amounts of data from equipment, processes and people into intuitive, actionable insights that aid enterprise operations monitoring from a single screen. It also applies visual analytics at the enterprise, plant, and unit levels to compare actual process and asset performance against digital twins.”

According to Frost & Sullivan, Honeywell Forge provides “solutions such as advanced process control, process simulation and control, and corrosion control. On the operations side, it has a portfolio of integrated solutions helping in production and enterprise data management, alarm management and overall operations management.”

The offering is organized into multiple modules that leverage automation controls, cybersecurity, workflow management, application programming interfaces and monitoring tools to manage functions, from process control to alarm management.


“Honeywell focuses on offering a simplified adoption path to customers so they can easily transform their process, operation, assets and people,” said Jeffrey Castilla, Best Practices Research Team Leader, Frost & Sullivan. “Honeywell Forge has also partnered with SAP to unify financial and operational data, providing insights across enterprises by combining IT and OT analytics with the cloud. Such strategic partnerships, technology prowess and customer focus are helping Honeywell stay at the top of the leader board in the industrial enterprise performance management market.”



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