Ballard launches first zero emissions module to power ships


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Aligns with aggressive targets (50% lower) for reduction of CO2 emissions in the sector by 2050.

Ballard’s FCwave fuel cell module provides megawatts of power for marine vessels, in 200-kilowatt increments.

VANCOUVER — Ballard Power Systems has launched the fuel cell industry’s first module designed for powering marine vessels.

The Vancouver-based developer of hyrdogen fuel-cell technology said the FCwave fuel cell is a 200-kilowatt (kW) modular unit that can be scaled in series up to the multi-megawatt power level.

It’s designed for use in passenger and car ferries, river push boats, and fishing boats, as well as providing stationary electrical power to support hotel and auxiliary loads on cruise ships and other vessels while docked at port.

“The United Nations International Maritime Organization, or IMO, has set aggressive targets for reduction of CO2 emissions in the marine sector, including 50% lower emissions by 2050,” noted Jesper Themsen, CEO of Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S. “Our Marine Center of Excellence will focus on engineering, manufacturing and servicing the developing marine market with our FCwave product.”




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