Biden will host a forum about artificial intelligence with technology leaders in San Francisco

By Josh Boak   

Digital Transformation

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – President Joe Biden will convene a group of technology leaders on Tuesday to debate artificial intelligence.

The Biden administration is seeking to figure out how to regulate the emergent field of AI, looking for ways to nurture its potential for economic growth and national security and protect against its potential dangers. Biden plans to meet with eight experts from academia and advocacy groups.

The sudden emergence of AI chatbot ChatGPT and other tools has jumpstarted investment in the sector. AI tools are able to craft human-like text, music, images and computer code. This form of automation could increase the productivity of workers, but experts warn of numerous harms. The technology could be used to replace workers, causing layoffs. It’s already being deployed in false images and videos, becoming a vehicle of disinformation that could undermine democratic elections.

In May, Biden’s administration brought together tech CEOs at the White House to discuss these issues, with the Democratic president telling them, “What you’re doing has enormous potential and enormous danger.”


White House chief of staff Jeff Zients’ office is developing a set of actions the federal government can take over the coming weeks regarding AI, according to the White House. Top officials are meeting two to three times each week on this issue, in addition to the daily work of federal agencies. The administration wants commitments from private companies to address the possible risks from AI.

Biden is meeting on Tuesday at the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco with Tristan Harris, executive director of the Center for Human Technology; Jim Steyer, the CEO of Common Sense Media; and Joy Buolamwin, founder of the Algorithmic Justice League, among others.

Biden is also in the San Francisco area to raise money for this 2024 reelection campaign. He plans to hold two fundraising events on Tuesday, after holding two on Monday. One of Biden’s Monday fundraisers was hosted by Kevin Scott, the chief technology officer and executive vice president for AI at Microsoft.


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