International Battery Metals and US Magnesium partner on DLE plant

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International Battery Metals Ltd. announced an agreement with US Magnesium LLC for the installation of its modular direct lithium extraction (DLE) plant installed at a brine resource.

The mobile facility is co-located at US Mag’s existing operations outside Salt Lake City, Utah.  IBAT’s plant will process brine produced from lithium-containing waste-magnesium salts. The resulting lithium chloride product will provide feed for high-purity lithium carbonate production by US Mag.

In the last month, IBAT has initiated most of the equipment setup, including pipe and utility tie-ins and other installation activities of its patented modular extraction plant at the US Mag site. Initial testing of critical equipment is underway. IBAT anticipates that full commissioning and startup will be completed within the next three months, with commercial lithium production to follow shortly thereafter.

“Our commercial operations with US Mag will advance a productive lithium extraction operation,” said Garry Flowers,CEO, IBAT. “Given current lithium demand, supply dependence on China, and permitting challenges, our expected commercial operations are coming at an ideal time to produce lithium at scale in the U.S.”


IBAT’s patented modular plant was fabricated in Lake Charles, La., before being recently transported to US Mag.

Commercial operations will serve growing lithium demand from automakers for electric-vehicle batteries, as well as energy storage batteries to support growing electricity demand and to balance the grid from increased renewable energy integration.

IBAT has demonstrated that the technology can extract lithium from subterranean brine sources and return the lithium-depleted brine to the same subsurface aquifer in a closed recycling loop. This work has been verified from natural brines in Canada, the U.S., Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Europe. Other than the use of acid and base for pH control, IBAT’s compact lithium extraction process does not introduce chemicals into the brine. This unique patented technology promises faster delivery of lithium chloride while ensuring minimal environmental impact.

“International Battery Metals’ patented Modular Extraction Technology will be the basis of future lithium extraction from brine resources around the world. It is the fastest technology to deploy and commence commercial operations,” said Dr. John Burba, founder, CTO and director of International Battery Metals. “Furthermore, its inherent efficiency and environmental protective characteristics make IBAT’s technology superior to existing DLE operations. We are very excited about the placement of our first plant on a resource and the expected commencement of commercial operations.”



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