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NGen Canada announced a series of innovation projects to support the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) manufacturing ecosystem in Canada.

In 2021, NGen launched a call for proposals to support R&D projects for ZEV manufacturing, systems, components, and batteries in Canada. The company is announcing 15 industry-led consortia that will execute projects in areas of critical minerals and metals, traction battery and efficiency gains, power electronics, fuel cells, and lightweight materials.

“Global automakers have begun their journey to replace vehicles powered by internal combustion engines with zero-emission electric vehicles, but their transformation is far from complete,” said Jayson Myers, CEO, NGen. “Significant problems need to be solved in order to make the industry sustainable over the next ten years. Canada has all that it takes to play a leading role in that transformation – critical minerals, leading-edge research and technologies, strong manufacturing capabilities, and a highly-skilled workforce. The collaborative projects that NGen is supporting show how Canadian ingenuity can contribute solutions throughout the EV value chain and create new opportunities for businesses, investment, and job growth along the way.”


Project List

  • Advanced Manufacturing Process Innovations – Flex-Ion Battery Innovation Center – Ventra Group Co. (ON), eCAMION Inc (ON)
  • Next Generation Grafoil Plate Forming Pilot Line – Ballard Power Systems Inc (BC), Macrodyne Technologies Inc (ON), and Eclipse Automation Inc. (ON)
  • Green Recycling of EV Battery Black Mass – Cnem Corporation (ON), Talon Metals Services Inc. (ON), Palcan Energy Corporation (BC)
  • AI-Assisted Smart-Optic Manufacturing of Modular EV Systems – Damon Motors Inc. (BC), Darwin AI (ON), Moment Energy Inc (BC)
  • Center of Excellence for High Volume Manufacturing of Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Cummins Inc. (ON), AIS Technologies Group (ON), Shelley Industrial Automation (ON), Konnexio Inc (ON)
  • Next Generation Membrane Electrode Assembly – Momentum Materials Solutions Corp (AB), BlissEarth Energy Research Inc (AB)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Scale-up of Critical Zero Emission Vehicle Components – Precision Resource Canada Ltd (ON), Miltera Machining Research Corp (ON)
  • Scalable Manufacturing Process for Solar Film Integrated Body Panels – Rayleigh Solar Tech Inc (NS), Magna International (ON)
  • Pilot line for novel Li-ion thermal management solution – Calogy Solutions (QC), Linear Automation (ON)
  • Scale Up of Next Generation Li-ion battery electrode processing technology – Electrovaya Inc (ON), Lantern Machinery Analytics Inc (BC), Eecomobility Inc (ON)
  • Automated Module Assembly with Advanced Laser Welding and In-Line QC – Electrovaya Inc (ON), Eecomobility Inc (ON)
  • Recycling of Solid State Lithium Battery Materials for EVs– Li-Metal Corp (ON), Blue Solutions Canada Inc. (QC)
  • Manufacturing Process for Compact ZEV Inverters – Linamar (ON), Westhill Innovation (ON)
  • Manufacturing Sustainable Lithium Extraction Modules – Summit Nanotech Corporation (AB), Ionic Solutions (AB)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Methods and Equipment for ZEV Propulsion Batteries – Flex-Ion Battery Innovation Center – Ventra Group Co (ON), Inspectech Analygas Group Inc. (ON)

These projects are funded by NGen under Canada’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative.


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