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March 11, 2020  

How EI benefits for COVID-19 quarantines will work

Here is a quick overview of what these changes mean

News Government General
March 11, 2020  

Ontario reports four more cases of COVID-19, announces $100M contingency fund

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic March 11

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
February 27, 2020  

Bank of Canada to create its own digital currency as a contingency: deputy

Central bank has been researching the economic and technological impacts of volatile digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
February 27, 2020  

Little used part of Constitution led to different carbon tax rulings: experts

Alberta Court of Appeal ruled 4-1 that the carbon tax is unconstitutional, finding the argument that climate change is a national concern strips power from the provinces.

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
February 26, 2020  

Canadian energy projects more difficult to get to completion: analysts

Canadian law agencies reluctance to provide enforcement for approved projects is among competitive disadvantages.

News Minerals General
February 20, 2020  

Ottawa steps into ‘Ring of Fire’ debate with Doug Ford

The mineral-rich deposits were discovered in a region inhabited by Indigenous peoples, provincial governments have been trying to develop them since 2007.

News Aerospace Transportation General
February 6, 2020  

Disasters foretold: Boeing 737 Max 8 and Lac Megantic

Is the erosion of regulations to blame for notorious transportation tragedies?

News Oil & Gas General
February 4, 2020  

Federal Court of Appeal to release Trans Mountain decision

Four BC First Nations filed challenges after the federal government approved the project a second time last June.

News Government Manufacturing General
February 3, 2020  

Climate activists disgusted over USMCA’s environmental shortfalls

Green groups lobbied US Democrats to insist on changes, including binding standards for emissions.

News Electronics General
February 3, 2020  

Internet code of conduct goes into effect for 10 big service providers

The code is the CRTC’s answer to a soaring number of complaints about internet services, such as “bill shock” caused by unexpected extra fees or price increases

News Food & Beverage General
January 28, 2020  

Fish, sausage, even honey: Food fraud is hidden in plain sight

While the extent of global food fraud is difficult to quantify, the CFIA suggests it affects 10% of commercially sold food.

News Aerospace General
January 23, 2020  

Air Canada, WestJet scrub Boeing 737 Max from schedules until June

Ottawa banned the 737 Max from the skies last March following two fatal crashes.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
January 7, 2020  

White House proposes guidelines for regulating the use of AI

…but the vagueness of the principles announced by the White House is unlikely to satisfy AI watchdogs.

News Energy Government General
December 16, 2019  

‘You can call anything a national concern:’ Alberta questions federal carbon tax

Ottawa argues that authorization for the tax comes under the Constitution’s peace, order and good government clause.

News Government Oil & Gas General
December 16, 2019  

First Nation alleges Ottawa withheld info during Trans Mountain consultation

Indigenous groups arguing in the court the Canadian government predetermined the outcome before its latest approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

News Food & Beverage General
November 11, 2019  

Premium Brands down on indirect fallout of China’s swine fever outbreak

Company says prices for specialty pork products it imports from Europe spiked because China is importing much more pork.

News Government General
November 11, 2019  

UN reports increasing violations of Iran nuclear deal

Iran maintains its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

News Food & Beverage General
November 7, 2019  

B.C. site testing over 700 samples of kombucha for alcohol levels

Alcohol is a normal byproduct of the fermentation process but levels can increase as kombucha products sit.

News Energy Government General
October 29, 2019  

Alberta budget weakens environmental, climate monitoring: Opposition

Budget also includes spending cuts at the agency responsible for approving and assessing energy development in the province.

News General
October 21, 2019  

Over the counter heartburn drug Zantac pulled in US, Canada

Potentially cancer-causing chemical had been detected at low levels in prescription and over-the-counter versions of Zantac.

News Food & Beverage General
October 17, 2019  

‘Sky didn’t fall:’ Police, lawyers still adjusting after pot legalization

Organized crime’s market share and youth consumption have not yet fallen, and tools to detect stoned drivers are still lacking.

News Electronics General
October 15, 2019  

Warren escalates Facebook fight with ad targeting Zuckerberg

Elizabeth Warren, who in March proposed breaking up big tech companies, began running a text ad on Facebook to take aim at Zuckerberg.

News Aerospace General
October 8, 2019  

Airline went into records after Max crash, engineer says

Ethiopian Airlines’ whistleblower points to pattern of corruption including fabricating documents, signing off on shoddy repairs and even beating those who got out of line.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
October 2, 2019  

Reports say Boeing insider filed safety complaint about Max

Faulty data from sensors triggered an automatic nose-down push that pilots were not able to overcome before crashes in Indonesia last October and in Ethiopia in March.

News Electronics General
October 2, 2019  

Court: FCC can dump net neutrality, but can’t bar state laws

Net neutrality has evolved from a technical concept to a politically charged issue.

News General
October 2, 2019  

Retail giant Walmart halts sales of Zantac and related drugs

Health regulators warned about a potentially dangerous contaminant in the drug.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
September 19, 2019  

Trump bars California from setting stricter fuel standards

Unclear what Trump will propose as final fuel-efficiency rules, but in the past has favoured freezing Obama-era mileage standards at 2021 levels.

News Government General
August 6, 2019  

Ottawa opposing Saskatchewan’s move to have top court delay carbon tax case

Saskatchewan recently applied to have the top court push back its December hearing in order to better co-ordinate its challenge with ones from other provinces.

News Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
August 6, 2019  

Alberta creates two industry panels to help reduce regulatory red tape

One panel is composed of oil and gas leaders and the other is made of up people in the tourism and hospitality industries.

News Aerospace General
July 30, 2019  

Legal challenge to passenger rights bill should be dismissed: Attorney general

Government will fight air carriers’ attempt to overturn rules that beef up compensation for travellers.

News Food & Beverage General
July 25, 2019  

Quebec to clamp down on cannabis candies in effort to protect kids

Ottawa will legalize edible products on October 17, but it will take at least another 60 days for products to hit the shelves.

News Automotive General
July 25, 2019  

California signs deal with 4 automakers to raise gas mileage [UPDATED]

Negotiations between the Trump administration and California over gas mileage have been at an impasse for months.