News Government Manufacturing General
April 15, 2015  

Chinese cyber attacks on NRC tried to beat the clock

Network Time Protocol service hit with two denial-of-service attacks last year.

Insight Government Manufacturing General Operations
March 16, 2015  

Prepare a cyber defence

Manufacturers need to be aware of the threat to their businesses and place cyber security high on the action list.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing Business Operations General
December 15, 2014  

Chinese hackers installed malware on NRC computers

Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre study says perpetrators used complex techniques to infiltrate the council.

News Forestry Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General
August 27, 2014  

Fortress selling bank note security division for $17.5M

Buyer Nanotech Security could triple the workforce in next six months.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
August 1, 2014  

Chinese NRC cyber attack breached personal data

Privacy watchdog says full extent of its impact to be determined.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
July 30, 2014  

New security in R&D as Chinese hackers struck NRC

Research focusing on photonics-based, quantum-enhanced cyber security.

News Manufacturing General
July 29, 2014  

Chinese hack National Research Council computers

Networks shut down, a new IT infrastructure could take up to a year.

News Automotive Manufacturing Metals Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
June 7, 2013  

NRC launches $45M automotive lightweighting program

The aim is to develop new aluminium-based manufacturing technology.

News Oil & Gas Business Operations Operations Production Sustainability
May 13, 2013  

NRC, Canadian Natural Resources team up on $19M biofuels plant

Plant will use oil sands CO2 emissions to turn algae into fuel, fertilizer and livestock feed.

News Aerospace Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
February 19, 2013  

From PLANT’s print edition: Biofuel takes flight

Oil from tiny seeds will cut aerospace emissions.

News Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
January 15, 2013  

CO2 Solutions gets $348,000 for carbon capture development

Non-reimbursable funding for “enzyme management process optimization work.”

News Aerospace Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
October 30, 2012  

Jet takes flight using 100% Agrisoma biofuel

Emissions to be analyzed from NRC’s specially adapted Falcon 20

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Technology
April 2, 2012  

Ottawa’s innovation shake up off to rocky start

Corporate Canada expressing doubt over changes to federal innovation funding.