News Electronics General
August 4, 2020  

BlackBerry releases free reverse engineering tool to fight cyber attacks

PE Tree reduces the time and effort required to reverse engineer malware

Feature Manufacturing General Technology
December 10, 2017  

Prepare for an attack: Lessons learned from Verizon-Yahoo ordeal

Without adequate remedial action in place, cyber attacks can impact organizations in many ways.

News General
August 9, 2017  

Cyber crooks are looking to shut down factories for big paydays

Today’s just-in-time manufacturing sector is climbing toward the top of hackers’ hit lists.

News Energy Manufacturing General
June 13, 2017  

Researchers discover a power grid wrecking software

Remotely sabotages circuit breakers, switches and protection relays.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations
August 3, 2016  

Canadian firms paying ransoms to regain control of data: study

Ransoms have ranged from $1,000 to $50,000.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
September 2, 2015  

Malware targeting Android phones on the rise

German report says some handsets are infected at sale.

News General
February 18, 2015  

PC spyware targets foreign banks, governments

Russian report says programs have elements in common with Stuxnet worm.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing Business Operations General
December 15, 2014  

Chinese hackers installed malware on NRC computers

Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre study says perpetrators used complex techniques to infiltrate the council.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Technology
April 8, 2014  

End of Windows XP could cause problems for industry

Analysts point to potential operational and security issues.

News Facilities Maintenance Operations Production
June 13, 2013  

Cyber criminals launch attacks from virtual bases in Canada

“A world in which you could put a castle wall around your system and keep intruders out is no longer plausible.”