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August 4, 2020  

Tampa teenager accused in Twitter hack pleads not guilty

Graham Ivan Clark, 17, is accused of using the hijacked Twitter accounts to scam people around the world out of more than US$100,000 in Bitcoin

News Aerospace Electronics General
July 30, 2019  

US issuing hacking alert for small planes

Aviation cybersecurity has been an issue of growing concern around the world.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 21, 2018  

Microsoft uncovers more Russian hack attacks ahead of midterms

Kremlin officials dismiss claims as unfounded, citing a lack of detail on the hack.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 18, 2018  

Trump asserts Russia not targeting US, contradicting intel

Asked in Cabinet meeting if Russian hackers were still targeting the US and president answered “no”.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 18, 2018  

Trump blames ‘double negative’ for furor over Putin meeting

He appeared to be trying to squirm out of trouble by saying he misspoke.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
August 13, 2015  

$30 hacking device can unlock most cars [VIDEO]

Samy Kamkar identifies automotive vulnerabilities in notorious hacker’s latest white hat crusade.

News Government Manufacturing General Operations Production
June 9, 2015  

Cyberattack attempts against US will accelerate: Obama

President blames old systems for detecting intrusions; US upgrading equipment agency by agency.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
February 9, 2015  

Automakers not adequately protecting wireless tech

US report says autos open to hacking, theft of personal data.

News Manufacturing General
June 27, 2014  

US seeks resumption of China cyber security group

Suspended by China after five of its military officers were charged with hacking.

News Aerospace Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
April 9, 2013  

US says action needed on growing Chinese hacking that harms trust, Beijing’s interests

Cyber intrusions from China have reached very high levels, adding to existing IP protection problems.

News Manufacturing Business Operations
February 19, 2013  

US firm points to China’s military in hacking attacks

China denies the allegation, dismisses the Mandiant report as “groundless.”