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December 13, 2018  

Privacy breach: Reporting is mandatory. Are you ready?

What you need to know with the new provisions now in force.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
May 2, 2018  

Feds see internet data cloud as alternative to their creaky computer systems

…But concerns related to data control, protection and privacy have been raised.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 19, 2018  

Trudeau, allies talk Russian cyber attacks during London intelligence briefing

Using cyber as part of a wider effort to attack and undermine the international system: May

News Government Manufacturing General
February 28, 2018  

Federal cybersecurity strategy follows ‘overlap, lack of clarity’

New centre will offer cybersecurity guidance to SMEs lacking resources or know-how to fend off hackers and other threats.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
February 8, 2018  

Drones to cloud computing: Russian cyber hack wish list

Fancy Bear hackers exploited US national vulnerability in cybersecurity: poorly protected e-mail.

Feature Manufacturing General Technology
December 10, 2017  

Prepare for an attack: Lessons learned from Verizon-Yahoo ordeal

Without adequate remedial action in place, cyber attacks can impact organizations in many ways.

News Manufacturing General
November 28, 2017  

Total number of Canadians impacted by Equifax cyber attack passes 19,000

Credit card records contain names, addresses, credit or debit card numbers, expiry dates and SINs.

News Manufacturing General
November 27, 2017  

Cyber crime’s grave threat to automated resource firms

Danger of a multi-tonne piece of equipment running amok or shutting down at a critical time.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General
July 12, 2017  

Your industrial control system is vulnerable to cyber attack

Take stock of your assets and regularly assess vulnerabilities.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 19, 2017  

EU considers sanctions to respond to cyber attacks

Will develop a “cyber-diplomacy toolbox” to respond to malicious activities online.

News Manufacturing General
June 13, 2017  

Central bank warns of cyber attack vulnerabilities in financial sector

Report urges banks to co-operate on countering the threats that are not going away any time soon.

News Manufacturing General
March 9, 2017  

Internet connected ‘smart’ devices are stupid about security

A growing dependency on network-connected technologies is outpacing the means to secure them.

News Manufacturing General
February 27, 2017  

Almost 60% of small businesses hacked last year: MNP

Breach-related expenses to soar as new data hacking disclosure rules come into effect.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General
February 13, 2017  

IBM’s Watson computer ‘gets a job’ fighting cybercrime threat

University of New Brunswick one of 40 customers beta testing the new app.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General
February 9, 2016  

Cyber attackers winning security war: study

IT pros see increase in severity, sophistication and frequency of cyber crime.