News Food & Beverage Economy General
October 21, 2020  

Dairy farmers facing losses due to CUSMA will be compensated: Trudeau

They’ve received a multi-year commitments for trade deal losses from EU and Pacific Rim agreements, but not North American deal.

News Manufacturing Metals General
August 20, 2020  

$5M from feds to ensure better traceability of aluminum

Follows 10% tariff slapped on Canadian aluminum by the Trump administration.

News Economy General
July 2, 2020  

Lighthizer promises enforcement as USMA comes into force

USTR has named 10 people to its roster of arbitrators under the agreement’s dispute-settlement mechanism.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
May 28, 2020  

USMCA poised to star in trade spotlight as White House sours on China

Election coming and Trump will want to point to the agreement as one of the few enduring triumphs of his fraught first term.

News Food & Beverage Government Manufacturing Economy General
April 28, 2020  

Dairy processors to lose $100M if USMCA takes effect in July: Plett

Processors stand to lose upwards of $100 million if the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement takes effect as scheduled.

Feature Government Manufacturing Economy General
May 28, 2019  

‘AFTA’ NAFTA: Expand your reach beyond North America

You can compete and win despite global trade disruptions.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
May 28, 2019  

Liberals begin effort to get USMCA ratified in House of Commons

Freeland to brief the federal cabinet soon on plans to table the necessary ratification bill.

News Government Manufacturing Metals General
December 20, 2018  

Freeland says Trump metal tariffs ‘contradict’ new NAFTA and will have to go

Canada’s foreign minister says US businesses are on our side.