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October 19, 2020  

Companies have modest hiring plans, expect low wage growth: BoC

Central bank’s business outlook survey finds that wage growth is widely expected to slow over the next year.

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September 9, 2020  

Statistics Canada rejigs low income stats as poverty gap grows

Fewer people in Canada are living on low incomes, but those still in poverty have not seen their situations improve.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
September 9, 2020  

Bank of Canada warns of uneven recovery despite bounce back

Economy continues to cope with ongoing uncertainty and structural challenges.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 26, 2020  

Bank of Canada reviews effect on wealth, income distribution: Wilkens

Also testing other frameworks related to monetary policy to see how they fare in good economic times and bad.

News Manufacturing Economy General
July 6, 2020  

Business hiring plans remain muted due to pandemic: B of C

Many service sector and energy companies don’t expect a return to pre-pandemic employment levels.

News Manufacturing General
June 23, 2020  

Some lasting economic damage from COVID: Macklem

Bank of Canada chief sees growth in Q3 as people are called back to work as restrictions ease.

News Manufacturing Economy General
June 18, 2020  

May’s annual inflation rate in sinks to -0.4%: Statistics Canada

Bank of Canada governor said rates would only go up once Canada is well into an economic recovery.

News Government Economy General
May 4, 2020  

Bank of Canada’s independence key to aiding post COVID recovery: Wilkins

Actions aimed at ensuring businesses and individuals can access lines of credit and short-term loans.

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April 15, 2020  

Liberals ease access to emergency benefit as economy shrinks fast

More money for seasonal workers without jobs, those jobless before the crisis and those whose hours have been drastically cut.

News Manufacturing Economy General
March 4, 2020  

Bank of Canada cuts key rate to 1.25% amid coronavirus concerns

Says it’s becoming clear the Canadian economy won’t grow as much as previously forecasted for the first quarter of the year.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
February 27, 2020  

Bank of Canada to create its own digital currency as a contingency: deputy

Central bank has been researching the economic and technological impacts of volatile digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

News Manufacturing Economy
January 14, 2020  

Bank of Canada survey suggests business confidence up

Outside of energy-producing regions, reports of improved indicators of future sales are widespread.

News Manufacturing Economy General
January 10, 2020  

Bank of Canada watching global trade impacts

Looking to see how weakness from manufacturing may spread to services, employment, consumer spending or housing.

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December 4, 2019  

Bank of Canada keeps key interest rate target on hold at 1.75%

Early evidence the global economy is stabilizing and growth is still expected to edge higher over the next couple of years.

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September 5, 2019  

Bank CEOs signal slower growth ahead amid trade tensions

CIBC chief said negative interest rates are an issue and questions loom about how trade wars will unfold.