News Electronics General
August 20, 2020  

Apple reaches $2T market value as tech fortunes soar

Comes amid a devastating pandemic that has shoved the economy into a deep recession and caused unemployment rates to soar.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 16, 2020  

Apple wins big EU court case over US$15B in taxes

EU Commission claimed in 2016 Apple had struck an illegal tax deal with Irish authorities that allowed it to pay extremely low rates.

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July 2, 2019  

Report: Apple to shift assembly of Mac Pro from US to China

Apple is still spending US$1 billion on a corporate campus in Austin, Texas.

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June 26, 2019  

Apple buys more self driving car technology in latest deal

It confirmed its acquisition of

News Electronics General
December 13, 2018  

Apple deepens Austin ties, expands operations east and west

There are already 6,000 Apple employees in Austin.

News Electronics General
December 10, 2018  

Chinese court bans some iPhones over Qualcomm dispute

Qualcomm says the ban covers iPhones 6S through X.

News Electronics General
October 24, 2018  

Apple CEO backs privacy laws, warns data being ‘weaponized’

Tim Cook applauded EU authorities for bringing in a strict new data privacy law in May, the GDPR.

News Electronics General
September 24, 2018  

Apple, Salesforce teaming up on mobile apps for business

New business apps exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

News Manufacturing General Technology
September 11, 2018  

Trump: Apple can avoid tariffs by shifting production to US

Company makes many of its products for the US market in China, also sells there making it a potential target for Chinese retaliation.

News Electronics General
July 11, 2018  

How Apple’s app store changed our world

The app store is now the fasting growing part of Apple’s gigantic business.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
May 11, 2018  

Aluminum smelting breakthrough produces oxygen instead of greenhouse gases

Process eliminates greenhouse gas emissions from traditional smelting by producing oxygen.

News General Technology
September 13, 2017  

iPhone X puts exclamation point on Apple’s pricing strategy

Will sell for $999, double what the original iPhone cost a decade ago and more than any other competing device.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
September 11, 2017  

Apple tests the bounds of iPhone love with a $1,000 model

Rumoured to feature a sharper OLED screen that extends from edge to edge of the device.

News Electronics Government Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
May 15, 2017  

Apple invests $200 million in scratch resistant glass

Money is the first of $1 billion the company plans to spend on US-based companies from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund.

News Manufacturing General
May 11, 2017  

Apple plans $1B expansion at data centre in Nevada

Will hire 100 employees, construction to support an additional 300 jobs.

News Government General Technology
May 4, 2017  

Apple steps up its effort to emphasize its economic impact

Releases a state-by-state breakdown of where its 80,000 US employees work.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General
February 2, 2017  

CEOs push back against Trump temporary immigration ban

Companies standing up to the president’s executive order include Apple, Google, Uber, Starbucks and Ford.

News Manufacturing General Technology
January 10, 2017  

Apple’s iPhone changes the world in just 10 years

Revolutionary touch screen doomed Canada’s once-popular BlackBerry.

News Manufacturing General Technology
December 7, 2016  

High court sides with Samsung in patent dispute with Apple

Not required to pay all the profits from 11 phone models; features copied from iPhone only part of Samsung’s devices.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
October 11, 2016  

US, Europe fray nerves with crackdowns

Companies of interest include Apple, Volkswagen.

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Technology
May 18, 2016  

Apple to open app development centre in India

Development lab gives tech-giant an in-road to one of the world’s fastest growing smartphone markets.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Technology
May 17, 2016  

Sensing a threat, Detroit’s automakers embrace mobility

Automakers are reinventing themselves as mobility firms due to pressure from agile tech firms like Apple and Uber.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Technology
May 4, 2016  

Apple loses Chinese lawsuit over iPhone name

Failed to prove it was a “famous brand” in China before local company’s trademark application in 2007.

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
March 30, 2016  

Foxconn to buy Japan’s Sharp Corp. for $3.5B

Final agreement to be signed Apr. 2.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Operations Production Sustainability Technology
March 24, 2016  

Meet Apple’s 29-armed, iPhone recycling robot [VIDEO]

Yields a 97% successful component removal rate.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Production Technology
March 22, 2016  

Apple releases small new iPhone, iPad for business use

iPhone SE will sell for $399 without a contract.

News Manufacturing Business Operations General
February 2, 2016  

Google’s Alphabet tops Apple as world’s most valuable company

California-based tech giant earned $4.9 billion in net income on revenue of $21.3 billion in Q4.

News Manufacturing General Technology
January 13, 2016  

PC sales fall globally, except for Apple

Computer maker increased the number of Macs it shipped worldwide in 2015.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Operations Production
January 7, 2016  

Apple’s Tim Cook got a raise of more than $1M last year

Tech giant’s CEO earned more than $10 million in 2015.

News Manufacturing General
December 15, 2015  

Samsung wants $399M smartphone award tossed

Appealing to US Supreme Court over Apple patent dispute

News Manufacturing General Technology
November 12, 2015  

Tag Heuer unveils $1,500 luxury smartwatch with Google, Intel

The Tag Heuer Connected adopted the Carrera Calibre mechanical design, uses premium materials, and Google’s Android Wear OS.

News Energy Government Oil & Gas General Operations Production Sustainability
November 6, 2015  

Entrepreneurism key to Alberta’s revival, Notley says

Premier says innovation to play increasingly important role as climate change and carbon reductions become more important.