GreenPower delivers EV Star Plus passenger bus to Fraser Academy

Maryam Farag   

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Photo: GreenPower Motor Company.

GreenPower Motor Company Inc. announced that it has delivered an EV Star Plus to Fraser Academy, a leader in the empowerment and education of students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences in Vancouver.

“Fraser Academy is truly a pioneer among teaching and learning institutions, with programs and research-based methods designed to optimize personalized learning, cognitive development, and post-secondary opportunities for its students. GreenPower is proud to deliver a zero-emission vehicle to Fraser Academy that is healthier for its students and a more sustainable solution for our planet.” said Fraser Atkinson, CEO, GreenPower.

The zero-emission Class 4 passenger bus will be used for a variety of student transportation needs. The EV Star Plus is eligible for a voucher of $50,000 from the B.C. SUVI voucher program, which will further benefit the school and its students. The estate of the late Hilda Atkinson and GreenPower CEO Fraser Atkinson are strong supporters of the institution and have donated $175,000 to Fraser Academy.

The EV Star Plus is equipped with flexible passenger seating along with rear curbside access to allow students to safely load luggage or sporting gear. The 7.5-metre EV Star Plus is the only bus in its class that was designed from concept as a battery-electric vehicle and comes with a standard J1772 Level 2 and CCS DC Level 3 fast charge system, allowing for optimal flexibility in route planning for various duty cycles. It delivers a range of up to 250 kilometers and a Level 3 DCFC charge time of 2 hours.


“We are delighted to receive our beautiful new EV Star Plus from GreenPower – our first zero-emission transportation vehicle. Our staff and students are keenly aware of the issues facing each of us and our environment and are very interested in solutions like electric vehicles, so this new electric bus will be an exciting learning experience for all of us.” said Maureen Steltman, Head, Fraser Academy.




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