Cascades Pro campaign promotes importance of hand drying


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Toolkit will provide useful tips for improving hygiene in manufacturing plants.

KINGSEY FALLS, Que. — Cascades PRO, the professional hygiene brand of Cascades Inc., has launched a new hand hygiene campaign to promote the importance of hand drying in preventing the spread of bacteria, viruses such as COVID-19 and other infections.

The “Hand Hygiene is a Two-Part Process,” toolkit will provide useful tips for improving the hygiene of bathrooms in retail stores, office buildings, manufacturing plants and similar facilities to better align with these new consumer demands for public restrooms.

Research has shown that bacteria are more easily transmitted from wet hands than dry hands, and that using paper towels to dry your hands not only removes the moisture from hands more quickly and efficiently, but the friction caused by the towels allows for even further removal of microorganisms.

The campaign is rolling out this month in the US and Canada.


Cascades PRO is part of the Cascades Tissue Group, a manufacturer of towel, tissue and wiper products. The Cascades Tissue Group, based in Candiac, Que., is a division of Cascades Canada ULC.



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