Thornhill Medical to deliver 500 mobile ventilator systems


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The MOVES SLC portable life support and ventilator units will be available to support hospitals across Canada by early April.

Thornhill Medical’s MOVES SLC unit is a compact portable, self-contained device that provides all of the crucial functions available in a modern intensive care unit (ICU), according to the firm. It integrates the functions of a ventilator that generates its own oxygen from the air, a full suite of critical care monitors, and suction — all able to run on battery power. PHOTO: Thornhill Medical

Medical equipment manufacturer Thornhill Medical has agreed to produce and deliver 500 mobile compact ventilator systems as part of Canada’s response to fight COVID-19.

Following the recent signing of a letter of intent by the federal government, Toronto-based Thornhill Medical says it moved immediately to scale up its production plans and expand its manufacturing partnerships and supply chain in anticipation of the March 31 initial order.

This announcement also comes shortly after an agreement signed with the Ontario government and Thornhill Medical to produce and supply portable ICU units for use across the province.

The MOVES SLC portable life support and ventilator units will be available for use to support hospitals and health care facilities across Canada by early April, according to Thornhill Medical.


“We are honoured to provide our Canadian-made ventilator system to support Canadians and our healthcare system in its efforts to fight COVID-19,” said Thornhill Medical CEO Lesley Gouldie in a prepared statement. “We are also grateful to our existing and new partners that are joining us in scaling up our portable ICU technology which will provide increased life-saving capacity in these unprecedented circumstances.”

The company says it has partnered with advanced manufacturing company Linamar — headquartered in Guelph, Ont. — to enable increased production capacity.


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