Poda announces supply agreement with biodegradable filter manufacturer

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Photo: Poda Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd.

Poda Lifstyle and Wellness Ltd. has entered into a supply agreement with biodegradable filter manufacturer Greenbutts, LLC.

Greenbutts has developed a natural filter technology that was created to provide an alternative to the non-biodegradable cellulose acetate cigarette filter. Greenbutts developed a natural, rapidly degrading cigarette filter, using a proprietary blend of food grade fibre materials including flax, cotton, and manila hemp with no artificial compounds or chemical residues. Greenbutts filtres will disperse in water within a few minutes and will degrade in compost within seven days.

“This supply agreement will provide the company with access to 100 per cent biodegradable filters for use in our Beyond Burn Poda Pods. The inclusion of Greenbutts’ biodegradable filtres into our already biodegradable and compostable Poda Pods allows Poda the ability to offer a completely biodegradable and truly compostable heat-not-burn product, something that has never been done in the heat-not-burn tobacco market,” said Ryan Selby, CEO, Poda. “This is an important aspect of our ongoing ESG commitment and will provide the company with several potential competitive advantages over IQOS and other heat-not-burn products which use non-biodegradable cellulose acetate filters.”

“We have spent the last ten years relentlessly pursuing the perfect biodegradable cigarette filter. Now that our patented product is ready for commercialization, we are very pleased to have entered this supply agreement with Poda,” said Tadas Lisauskus, Co-founder and CEO, Greenbutts. “Traditional cellulose acetate cigarette filters are among the single most commonly littered items globally, and we are committed to the goal of eliminating environmental pollution caused by improperly discarded cigarette butts.”





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