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Photo: Auxico Resources Canada Inc.

Auxico Resources Canada Inc. has signed a technology license agreement with Central America Nickel (CAN) for the use of CAN’s patent-pending ultrasound assisted extraction process (UAEx) for mineral extraction.

The UAEx process is a sustainable metallurgical process for the refining of critical minerals using ultrasound technology. The laboratory results demonstrate that when combined with certain acids and used at various frequencies, this ultrasound process breaks up the ore into finer particles in a quicker time than conventional methods.

“We are most pleased to have access to a highly-efficient rare earth extraction process, that has achieved remarkable results within a 2-hour leach time. The Company’s objective is to complete the feasibility study on the technology and build a rare earth extraction plant.” said Pierre Gauthier, Chairman and CEO, Auxico.

By using the UAEx process, the level of radioactivity of 994 nanoSieverts per hour (nSv/h) recorded before the two-hour leach was reduced to a dose rate of 3 nSv/h.





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