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Free tools from Dragos identify ICS assets.

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Manufacturers of all sizes should take cybersecurity risk seriously.

PLANT Magazine’s Manufacturers’ Outlook 2019 study shows 74% of companies rate their level of concern over risks to security as medium to high; and 42% have experienced breaches.

Industrial threat and response specialist Dragos Inc. has introduced free assessment tools to help qualified companies secure their industrial controls systems (ICS).

The company, based in Hanover, Md., recently acquired NexDefense, a provider of ICS visibility technology. As part of this deal, Dragos has introduced Dragos Community Tools to help manufacturers identify assets with interconnected communications that are potentially unknown to these companies.


The tools include NexDefense’s Integrity (continuous, passive ICS network monitoring with basic DPI and asset fingerprinting capabilities); and Cyberlens, an assessment tool developed by Dragos that helps the community quickly process packet captures and visualize ICS environments.

Dragos contends visibility is the prerequisite for the development and deployment of cybersecurity architectures to detect and respond to threats. That leads to the Dragos Platform, a continuous passive monitoring software that identifies and visualizes assets, detects threats and provides playbooks for quick responses to attacks.

This article appears in the April 2019 print issue of PLANT Magazine.


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