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How do you foresee 2023 shaping out for your company?

Wave of tech layoffs tips power back in favour of employers in sector

TORONTO - Members of Canada's tech industry say another wave of layoffs the sector saw this week is tipping the power dynamic back in favour of employers.

To advance 'North American Idea,' fortify bond between Canada, Mexico, experts say

WASHINGTON - The relationship between Canada and Mexico has long been the weak link in North America's trilateral triangle, and foreign policy experts say reinforcing it will be key if the continent is to realize its true economic potential.

Bombardier says 2022 revenue hit US$6.9B, cash flow US$735M in preliminary results

MONTREAL - Bombardier is set to beat its own financial results expectations for 2022, the company said Tuesday as it released preliminary results.

Reducing Downtime: How Software Can Help

Join MRO on February 28 when they speak with a cross section of software solution experts who can help you implement software and improve your operations.

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Cold air to -50°F (-46°C) from your compressed air supply

A low cost, reliable, maintenance free solution to a variety of industrial spot cooling problems. Using an ordinary supply of compressed air as a power source, vortex tubes create two streams of air, one hot/one cold, with no moving parts. Vortex tubes can produce temperatures from -50° to +260°F (-46° to +127°C) with flow rates from 1 to 150 SCFM (28 to 4248 SLPM). Temperatures, flows and refrigeration are adjustable over a wide range. The wear resistance of stainless steel Vortex Tubes assures they will provide years of reliable, maintenance-free operation. » Learn more...

Supply chain due diligence – How much is enough?

It wasn’t until very long ago that onboarding a new supplier for an organization was a straight-forward process. » Read More...

Don’t be left behind

Advanced manufacturing, IIoT, Industry 4.0, technology, no matter what you call the next generation of manufacturing, it is here, and you need to know about it. » Read More...

Cautiously embrace Industry 4.0

Before your enthusiasm creates an impulse to automate you need to pause, look deeply at the process, simplify, and then ponder automation. » Read More...
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Canada invests over 1M in five projects that will contribute to Quebec’s green transition

The recipients are GROUPÉ Mauricie + Rive–Sud, Groupe PRO–B inc., Fût Mauricie, Waste Robotics Inc. and Theron Sport Inc. » Read More...

Feds launch ZEV website landing page and invest in EV chargers

An investment of $280,000 will go towards installing 75 EV chargers at two multi-unit residential buildings in Vancouver. » Read More...