WEB TIPS: Are you rendering your web leads worthless?

Why you should act fast when potential customers respond.

August 16, 2012   by Andrew Shedden

You may have lots of highly targeted inbound traffic to your website, all the best early stage buying content, you’ve split tested your landing pages and tweaked and optimized them to maximize conversions. Yet it could be all for naught, because many manufacturers are unaware they’re making their web leads worthless.

It’s all about how fast you follow up leads.

A study by at MIT involving 700 companies determined that if you respond to a web inquiry within five minutes instead of 30 minutes you have 100 times the chance of reaching the person who requested the information and 21 times the chance of being able to qualify the lead.

MIT professor James Oldroyd found if you wait 55 minutes to respond, you reduce your odds by 96%. He also determined that the average response time by e-mail was 19 hours and 31 minutes. Response time by phone was 36 hours and 57 minutes. Lastly, 45.2% of sales teams do not respond at all!


When you get web leads, follow up fast!

Andrew Shedden is the president of Broadfield Consulting, a marketing consulting firm that makes it easier for companies to grow their revenues. For new media resources and services visit For free industrial marketing resources visit his blog at

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