Three EU aerospace firms to set up in Montreal

They like the trained workforce; moves will create nearly 200 jobs.

Quebec’s aerospace sector employs more than 42,000 workers.

MONTREAL — Three European aerospace engineering and design companies are setting up or expanding their presence in Montreal, creating nearly 200 jobs over three years.

The Austrian, French and German companies said they were attracted to the city because of the availability of trained workers and their ability to work with large locally based manufacturing companies such as Bombardier.

German company PFW plans to move its Seattle-based aerospace tube and duct systems business to Montreal, while Austrian firm FACC Solutions, which specializes in the manufacture of composite components on aircraft, will open an engineering office to complement its existing work on business aircraft interiors.

Meanwhile, LGM of France plans to invest more than $2 million over three years to develop its business in Canada. The company specializes in risk management and testing in the aerospace and railway industries.

Quebec Industrial Policy Minister Elaine Zakaib told an aerospace conference April 23 that the announcement confirms the province’s advantages in the aerospace sector, which employs more than 42,000 workers.

The province has earmarked $6 million over three years to support about 30 small and medium-sized companies in the aerospace and fashion industries.

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