Students participate in second annual STEM Day

Monica Ferguson   

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Photo: Ridgid / Emerson

Ridgid (part of Emerson) hosted its second annual “We Love STEM Day” in June for 38 students in grades three through eight. The event aimed to engage students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and demonstrate the role these subjects play in manufacturing.

“It was wonderful to see the energy and excitement the students had for learning — and to hear their questions about manufacturing and the way STEM is used in the work we do,” said Rose Hitchens, event chair, Emerson. “Engaging students at an early age in STEM education helps to encourage a love of learning in these subjects. It also helps foster the next generation of creators, innovators and inventors.”

Students participated in hands-on activities, including building a flashlight and testing different methods of creating a strong and lightweight pasta tower.



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