Saint Jean Carbon signs distribution agreement for synthetic graphite

Miluo Xinxiang Carbon Products Co.'s synthetic graphite products will be distributed in Canada, the US and Mexico.

January 23, 2014   by PLANT STAFF

OAKVILLE, Ont. – Saint Jean Carbon has entered into an agreement with an arms-length party Miluo Xinxiang Carbon Products Co. Ltd. to market, distribute and sell synthetic graphite products in Canada, the US and Mexico.

Miluo, based in Miluo, Hunan China, has been producing synthetic graphite since 2004 and manufactures products using proprietary and patented graphitizing processes from a 2.3 million sq. ft. facility. The company employs 260 people and produces high purity synthetic products for industrial sectors such as steel manufacturing, smelting and foundries.

Its products are also used in high tech sectors such as lithium-ion batteries, aerospace and the nuclear energy industry.

Miluo prepares a primary synthetic graphite product through the graphitization of petroleum coke. This is combined with a coal-tar pitch binder and heated to temperatures of 2,600 – 3,000 degrees C, which transforms the mixture into crystalline graphite.


The agreement will last for an initial five year term, with an option for two additional ten year periods. Saint Jean will sell a minimum of 1,800 metric tonnes during the first year, 5,000 tonnes the second year, and follow through with 10% increases in tonnage for each of the remaining years of the initial term.

Saint Jean Carbon is a junior mining exploration company is based in Calgary and has an office in Oakville, Ont.

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