Integran gets patent protection for ECU technology

Plating-on-polymer aimed at modern vehicles, including hybrids and electrics.

March 6, 2013   by PLANT STAFF

TORONTO — Integran Technologies Inc. has been awarded patent protection for its structural metal plating-on-polymer technology called Nanovate NP.

The Toronto manufacturer of advanced metallurgical nano-technologies said its nanometal-polymer hybrid core technology is protected in Europe and the US by a number of patent filings including several issued in February.

The technology would be applied to make lightweight metal-coated polymer electric and electronic housings that are used for components such as electronic control units (ECUs).

“Our technology can be used to replace a variety of electric and electronic housings in modern automobiles providing lightweight parts with superior impact-resistance and appropriate EMI shielding,” said Gino Palumbo, Integran’s president and CEO.

The housings are manufactured by combining injection moulding and electroplating.

Integran foresees widespread use of its technology in modern vehicles, which typically contain between 75 and 100 ECUs. It will be particularly relevant to hybrids and plug-in electrics, which in addition to the typical low voltage electronics, contain high voltage and power electrical and electronic subsystems.

The company said Nanovate metals technology is also effective at mitigating lower frequency magnetic interference from electric motors.”

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