Integran adds a new patent for metal-polymer hybrid

It extends temperature extremes of lightweight components

TORONTO — Integran Technologies Inc. has expanded its structural metal plating-on-polymer portfolio (Nanovate NP) with a patent for lightweight metal-coated polymer articles with “superior” thermal cycling performance.

The Toronto-based developer of advanced metallurgical nano-technologies notes differences in thermal expansion have limited the operating temperature range of hybrids of metals and polymers. By developing processes that achieve previously unattainable levels of metal-to-polymer adhesion, Integran says it has extended the structural applicability of its metal-polymer hybrids to much greater temperature extremes.

The processes apply to carbon/glass fibre reinforced polyamides (PA), polyether-imides (PEI), polyamide-imides (PAI), polyimides (PI) and polyether-ether ketones (PEEK).

Integran’s president and CEO Gino Palumbo described this development as being “particularly relevant” to space, aerospace and defense applications, and other industrial, biomedical and consumer products.