Growth Tips: Generate leads with direct mail

Follow these basics to make this “old school” approach work for you.

December 20, 2013   by ANDREW SHEDDEN

When it sees everyone is zigging, you should consider zagging. This is especially true with lead generation. While many of your competitors are obsessing over online marketing you can run circles around them by using “old school” direct mail.

Many of my manufacturers get great lead generation results by sending out sales letters through the mail. To succeed with direct mail simply keep these tips in mind:

• Be clear about the ideal prospects you’d like to reach;

• Create a mailing list from a reputable mailing list source;

• Call companies on your mailing list to confirm the accuracy of your list;

• Create a highly compelling piece of free educational content that will help your target market solve a particular problem;

• Write a sales letter that directs readers to a specific page on your website and offers free educational content in exchange for their contact information;

• Mail your letters;

• Send the same letter out one or two additional times to the non-respondents;

• Telephone and e-mail every lead you get as soon as possible and qualify each one;

• Move qualified leads into the next step of your selling process.

By following these steps you will make direct mail work for you.

Andrew Shedden is an industrial marketing consultant who helps manufacturing and industrial (B2B) companies accelerate profitable growth. Call (705) 876-0634. Visit for free business growth resources.

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