Growth Tips: Anti-spam law will change the way you market

More direct mail, print/online advertising, telephone calls and focus on inbound sales leads.

January 16, 2014   by Andrew Shedden

Canada’s anti-spam legislation, which will come into effect on July 1, will have a profound influence on how e-mail is used for marketing purposes. I advise reading up on this legislation now.

The long and short of it is that all of your e-mail marketing lists must be (as they should be now) 100% opt-in, without exception. What is new is that you must have implied consent or explicit consent.

Implied consent applies to existing business relationships, family, and friends.

Where it gets very interesting is explicit consent. If your salesperson is calling someone to whom he has never spoken odds are good he will end up leaving a voicemail. If he follows up this voicemail by sending out an email he will be contravening the new law as he does not have explicit consent. He can’t send an e-mail to ask for explicit consent but must call or write (mail) the prospect to ask for permission.

In 2014 you will see more manufacturers:

• utilizing much more direct mail;

• relying more on teleprospecting from inside business development reps who can continue to leave voicemail after voicemail until they get a returned call;

• using more print and online advertising; and

• focusing more on inbound sales leads as a result of content marketing.

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