Fireflex gets $750,000 fire protection system project

Federal repayable contribution will help fund development of ICAF system.

July 17, 2013   by PLANT STAFF

MONTREAL — Fireflex Systems Inc., a manufacturer of fire protection systems, has received $750,000 from a federal government program to upgrade its research and development facilities.

The company, based in Boisbriand, Que., will use the repayable contribution to develop a test-bed for its integrated fire protection products, which include automatic sprinklers, and clean agent and compressed air foam systems that are used in server rooms, aircraft hangars, bank vaults, electrical and oil installations.

The project is the result of the development, jointly coordinated with the National Research Council Canada (NRCC), of a comprehensive fire protection system called ICAF. The NRCC has granted Fireflex the exclusive right to manufacture and market this product.

Improvements include an expansion of the plant, the installation of a foam recovery unit and handling and testing equipment.


The funding comes through Canada Economic Development’s Quebec Economic Development Program.

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