Festo valve tech helps in future dental treatments

Maryam Farag   

Innovation & Technology MRO Electronics

Photo: Festo Canada.

Japanese robotics company, Tmusk, developed a humanoid robot with Festo piezo valve technology, to help in treatments for future dentists and dental assistants.

The robot is designed to anticipate the reactions of young children during treatments. The technology realistically simulates human behaviour, mimicking what dental professionals might encounter, including fidgeting, squirming, flinching and clenching of teeth.

Proportional valves operate like a capacitor; needing energy only to charge the piezo ceramics. As a result, the valves do not heat up, and consume up to 95 per cent less energy than solenoid valves.

“We would not have been able to realize this humanoid robot without Festo’s piezo technology,” said Yusuke Ishii, Director, Tmsuk.



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