Electrovaya introduces next-gen lithium ion energy cell

LC-44 from Litarion subsidiary features higher energy density and longer cycle life.

August 16, 2016   Joe Terrett

TORONTO — Electrovaya Inc. has unveiled a next generation lithium ion battery cell that increases the energy density and has a longer cycle life.

The LITACELL LC-44, released through the Mississauga, Ont. company’s wholly owned German subsidiary Litarion GmbH, delivers 44Ah in the same geometry as its 40 LC-40 cell. Its cycle and calendar life is up to 9,000 cycles at 1C charge and 1C discharge at 100% depth of discharge.

The company says the LC-44, which contains optimized NMC/graphite based electrode chemistry, is available now to OEMs and battery pack integrators worldwide.

“Lithium ion cells have cost, cycle-life and safety challenges and the LC-44 provides the break-through technology to address some of these challenges. The increased energy density of the LC-44 reduces material and other production costs while giving higher energy capacity in the same volume and same geometrical package as the LC-40,” says Joerg Reim, Litarion’s chief technical officer.

Electrovaya has production facilities in Canada and Germany.

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