Daimler Trucks adds 1,100 jobs at U.S. Freightliner plant

Freightliner’s largest plant was devastated by layoffs at the peak of the recession, but has steadily recovered and now employs 1,500 workers.

January 12, 2012   by The CANADAN PRESS

CLEVELAND, N.C.—Daimler Trucks North America will hire 1,100 workers to build long-distance trucks at its NC Freightliner plant as it bulks up after recession layoffs.

The company, a division of Germany’s Daimler AG, said it will also add 100 jobs to a nearby parts plant.

The Freightliner plant employed about 3,500 workers before layoffs cut the number to about 650.

The plant has since steadily recovered and now employs about 1,500 workers.

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