Cummins unveils electric heavy-duty transport truck

Heavy-duty engine maker beats Musk's Tesla to the big rig punch.

August 30, 2017   by PLANT Staff

The Cummins AEOS Concept Class 7 Urban Hauler EV vehicle was unveiled Aug. 30 in Columbus, Ohio. PHOTO: CUMMINS INC.

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Cummins Inc. has unveiled a fully electric class 7 demonstration heavy duty truck, which is equipped with a lighter and denser battery that holds a longer charge to improve range and speed up charging.

The concept AEOS Concept Class 7 Urban Hauler EV includes an engine-generator option that extends range to increase fuel savings by up to 50% compared to diesel hybrids.

The truck uses a 140 Kilowatt per hour battery pack that’s roughly as powerful as a 12-litre combustion engine and is capable of hauling up to 44,000 pounds. Cummins has hinted at installing solar panels on the vehicle’s roof to increase range. And a regenerative braking system can also send energy to the battery pack.

An in-dash camera system replace side mirrors reduces drag and improves vehicle efficiency.


There are, however, some limitations. Because of the smallish batter pack, the truck will likely be limited to inner-city deliveries because of its 160 kilometres range.

For now, Cummins has beat Elon Musk’s Tesla to the electric big-rig punch. The electric-car giant owned by this generation’s real-life Tony Stark plans to unveil an electric heavy transport truck that will have a range of up to 480 kilometres, according to Reuters.

Musk has promised to release a prototype of its Tesla Semi truck in September in a bid to expand the automaker’s market beyond luxury cars.

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