Bombardier sells 20 Q400 NextGeners to Eurolot

Deal worth $246M: aircraft destined for fleet renewal, route expansion

March 12, 2012   by PLANT STAFF

TORONTO: The Eurolot S.A. airline in Warsaw, Poland ordered eight Bombardier Q400 NextGen airliners worth $246 million. Options for an additional 12 aircraft would increase the value of the order to $625 million.

Eurolot operates a fleet of 14 aircraft serving both domestic and international destinations.

The short-haul turboprop, 15 decibels quieter than ICAO noise standards, uses 30% to 40% less fuel and produces up to 40% fewer emissions on routes where it has replaced similar-capacity, older jets.

Bombardier says the aircraft will be tested again this year using biofuel made from an oilseed crop.


So far 428 Q400 and Q400 NextGen aircraft have been booked, and 389 delivered by the end of 2011.

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