Aireon expanding aviation data market

Monica Ferguson   

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Photo credit: Aireon

Aireon is bringing its air traffic surveillance data to a wider base by expanding  its product families.

With a $50 million equity investment, Aireon is growing its AireonINSIGHTS, AireonSTREAM, and AireonFLOW product families. It is creating an aviation data platform that integrates space-based ADS-B and data sources with machine learning and analytics functionality. This will support airlines, airport operators, system integrators, leasing companies, UAVs, airframe manufacturers, engine manufacturers, financial institutions, and worldwide defense organizations.

“This is continuing the evolution for Aireon as the premier aviation data provider,” said Don Thoma, CEO, Aireon. “Space-based ADS-B has been a game-changer for air navigation service providers by providing a first-ever surveillance capability for remote airspace and a cost-effective enhancement for ground-based surveillance. We’re now creating a platform and tools to bring that high-fidelity data to the broader aviation user community, enabling a whole new set of global applications of space-based ADS-B.”

This expansion will enable real-time data-driven decision-making to support both operational and strategic users.



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