X20 adds two modules

Allows direct resistance measurement.

01B&RX20B&R has added two measurement modules to its X20 I/O system: temperature with 4-wire resistance and energy with four current inputs for connecting external transformers with a 333 mV output.

Up to four platinum IEC 60751-compliant PT100 temperature sensors connect to the X20ATB312 temperature measurement module. The 12.4 mm wide, 4-channel X20 module is wired using a X20TB1F 16-pin terminal block.

The X20AP3161 is equipped with three voltage inputs for a maximum of 3x 480 VAC and four current inputs for connecting external current transformers with a 333 mV output. The module measures effective, reactive and apparent power individually for each of the three phases and for all of them collectively. The power consumption of each phase and the total sum is also recorded.

Current and voltage is measured up to the 31st harmonic. Due to its high sensitivity and having a fourth channel, the unit is suited for measuring leakage current on neutral lines. The signals are pre-processed before being passed on as digital variables, which reduces the load on the controller.

B&R Industrial Automation Inc. North America, based in Atlanta, makes industrial automation products.

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