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Motors and controls from CIEN, PLANT’s technology section.

June 23, 2014   by PLANT STAFF

Take a look at these motors and controls from CIEN, PLANT’s technology section.

Servo motors deliver more power

01B&Rservo8KB&R has added servo motors with high torque and an extended range of speeds to its product line.The 8KS series provides up to 140 kW of power and stall torque up to 555 Nm.

They come in two sizes with speeds up to 3,000 rpm for applications in a wide range of industries that require high power. For example, the version with reinforced bearings makes it possible to set up high-torque belt feed axes for electric injection moulding machines.

They also come with either axial or radial fans, water cooling and optional mounting feet.

Servo motors are equipped with a resolver interface, an optical encoder with EnDat interface and an embedded parameter chip for seamless compatibility with ACOPOS multi drives and easy integration into B&R’s system landscape.

B&R Industrial Automation Corp. is a manufacturer of automation equipment with US operations in Roswell, Ga.

Super-E motors preserve bearing life

Baldor Electric Co.’s Super-E motors sport a carbon shaft grounding brush mounted internally to increase motor bearing life.02BaldorSuperE-re

Using a drive to control the motor is beneficial because it provides speed control on different applications such as fans, pumps and conveyors, allowing motors to run at optimum efficiency. However, when a motor is controlled by a drive, there’s potential for common mode voltage that could cause spikes in the rotor. These spikes seek the path of least resistance – the bearings – and lead to their premature failure. The shaft grounding brush diverts the spikes.

Stock ratings include one through 50 HP in totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) or open drip proof (ODP) foot-mounted designs, and 1/2 through 5 HP in TEFC, C-face foot mounted designs.

Baldor, a Fort Smith, Ark. manufacturer of industrial electric motors, drives and power transmission products, is a member of the ABB group.

Base promotes better belt tension

03BrowningMotorBaseBrowning’s new Tenso-set 600 horizontal sliding motor base with optional quick release automatically maintains belt tension for extended periods and allows changes in just minutes.

The heavy steel base, which comes in NEMA motor frame sizes 56 to 286 and IEC equivalents, is a drop-in replacement for standard motor bases that reduces energy use, plus travel and site visits for technicians.

It operates like a standard motor base, using a jackscrew to adjust and hold tension on the belt. However, a coil spring inside the screw housing pushes against the carriage to maintain tension as the belt wears or seats itself further into the sheave groove to eliminate frequent belt re-tensioning, including during the first 24 hours of run time.

The QR option allows release of all belt tension after just a few turns of the tensioning screw, rather than the typical 50 to 60 turns of a wrench.

A patent-pending lever releases the motor carriage from the base after a few turns of the tensioning screw, allowing it to slide forward several inches. This provides slack in the drive for quick and safe belt changes.

The lever covers a cut-out in the motor frame that allows the head of the tensioning screw to pass through. After belt installation, the carriage slides back and the sliding lever closes to retain the head of the screw for tensioning.

Emerson Industrial Automation, based in St. Louis, provides products and solutions that increase machine performance, efficiency and reliability, including those from Browning.

NEMA 4 protects CGP starters

Carlo Gavazzi’s made-in-Canada CGP motor starters are housed in a NEMA 4 metallic enclosures (non-metallic are also available) for04gazzazistarters use with both single and three-phase motors up to 600 V/200 HP.

There is a wide range of coil voltages and the starters come in single or three-phase models.

The starters are available with start/stop, hand/off/auto and custom configurations.

A pilot light, control transformer, and fused or non-fused disconnect switch are optional.

Carlo Gavazzi is a manufacturer of automation products in Mississauga, Ont.

VSD 10s optimized for G120s

05SiemensSimoticsSimotics VSD10 motors from the Siemens Drive Technologies Division are optimized for operation with Sinamics G120 frequency converters.

Based on the 1LE1motor platform, they come in aluminum (Simotics GP) or cast-iron housings (Simotics SD) and cover a 2.2 to 200 kW output range.

The motors, used for pumps, fans, compressors and conveyor systems, include temperature sensors and insulated bearings for large shaft heights, which boost the drive components’ useful life.

VSD 10’s integrated system with speed control demonstrates its advantages in partial load range applications, which saves energy.

Siemens is a German supplier of automation and drive technology with manufacturing operations in Canada.

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