Torque increased 60%

Five gear-case sizes.

Five gear-case sizes.

NORD Drivesystems’ next generation of two-stage helical-bevel gears deliver up to 97% efficiency and a 60% increase in torque to weight ratio over the previous series.

The 92.1 and 93.1 come in five gear-case sizes characterized by an open, smooth, self-draining outer surface.

The high-strength aluminum alloy housing is one-piece with bores and mounting faces machined in one step, producing precise tolerances that ensure accurate positioning of gear teeth, bearings and seals. And reinforcements inside the gear case increase strength and rigidity. This, in turn, provides for larger, high-capacity output bearings, increased overhung load capacity and increased hollow bore capacity.

They’re leak-free with longer gear and bearing life, they operate quietly and have high output torque capabilities.

Applications include conveyors, material handling, food and beverage, and washdown environments.

NORD Gear Corp. is a manufacturer of drive systems based in Waunakee, Wis. Nord Gear Ltd. has offices in Brampton, Ont.

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