TIG power source enhances arc stability

Output range of 2 to 375 A.

Output range of 2 to 375 A.

Output range of 2 to 375 A.

Lincoln Electric’s Aspect 375 AC/DC inverter-based TIG welding power source handles critical welds that must meet rigorous testing requirements.

The constant-current stick and TIG machine delivers an output range of 2 to 375 A (single-phase range is de-rated to 2 to 250 A). It’s rated at 330 A (40% duty cycle) and 300 A (60% duty cycle).

It delivers precise welding stability arc at all amperage levels.

AC auto-balance technology adjusts cleaning and penetration levels to simplify operation.

Intellistart technology controls the arc’s intensity for soft starting on thin materials, and hotter starting for thicker materials.

Lincoln Electric is a manufacturer of welding products based in Cleveland.

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