Streamline monitoring of Artis machine tools

Information is accessed remotely via an iPad, computer or laptop.

April 21, 2020   by PLANT STAFF

Collect real-time information.

If your machine tools are equipped with Artis machine monitoring systems, C-THRU4.0 software from Marpos streamlines the collection and processing of data via a central hub.

Information is accessed remotely via an iPad, computer or laptop and integrates with MES and higher-level ERP systems. Use the data to analyze tool life, machine capability and cost comparisons, as well as alarm tracing and counts, profit and loss accounting and profitability analysis.

Real-time information from the machine tools goes to a cloud platform network where it’s accessed and its use either centralized or decentralized. This interconnectivity optimizes production flow from preventative maintenance, process stabilization and quality assurance to resource planning.

Marpos Canada Corp. is a supplier of inspection, measurement and process control solutions based in Markham, Ont.

This article appeared in the November-December 2020 print edition of PLANT Magazine.

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