Speed drive replaces r-angle gearbox

For industrial cooling towers.

March 5, 2015   by PLANT Staff

02BaldorcooltowerBaldor Electric Co.’s adjustable speed direct drive combines the Baldor Reliance RPM AC motor with a high-performance permanent magnet rotor to replace right angle gearbox and jack shaft installations used in many conventional industrial process cooling towers.

The fan couples directly to the motor and is controlled by the ABB ACS880 cooling tower drive to provide optimal variable speed performance that runs quieter with reduced energy consumption. Specific cooling tower parameters simplify configuration and a “quick start assistant” makes start up straightforward.

The Inpro/Seal bearing isolator and slinger prevents water ingress along the shaft, and condensation drains relieve moisture that may collect inside the motor.

The electrical insulation system is manufactured using a vacuum pressure impregnation process that ensures long motor life even in the most extreme conditions.

Baldor Electric is a manufacturer of industrial electric motors, drives and mechanical power transmission products, and is a member of the ABB group. It’s based in Fort Smith, Ark.

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