Software simplifies ladder logic

32-bit Windows certified.

236_AutomationDirect_DirectLogicPLCSSAutomationDirect’s DirectSOFT6 PLC software provides faster status updates to make ladder logic programming easier.

The 32-bit Windows certified programming software for DirectLOGIC PLCs includes more than 40 additional “IBoxes.”

The packetized fill-in-the-blank style instructions make writing simple to complex ladder logic for functions such as Memory, Discrete Helper, Analog Helper, Math, Communications and CTRIO, faster and easier.

Additional features include graphic ladder view, ladder box leg labels, and graphic stage view. Configurable toolbars enhance flexibility, while the new Trend View debugging tool monitors the values of controller data elements over time as well as readable numeric or bit locations.

AutomationDirect is a supplier of automation technologies based in Cumming, Ga.

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