Simplify automation design with customized machines

Build your own online with Vention cloud platform.

October 8, 2020   by PLANT STAFF

Machine builder on Vention’s platform. PHOTO: VENTION

Looking to automate a process but boggled by the complexities?

Vention, a manufacturing automation technology company in Montreal, has an online solution to design and order custom machines.

Its cloud platform expands the range of manufacturing processes that can be automated profitably. A simple user interface provides access to a library of modular parts that are put together in the online MachineBuilder CAD. Parts snap together showing price and weight in real time.

The automated process is simulated in the code-free MachineLogic programming software, and you order then receive the kit next day for assembly using auto-generated drawings.

FYI, Vention has raised $38 million to further develop its cloud-based platform, grow its library of plug-and-play automation components and continue its international expansion.