Servo drives manage multiple axes

Transfers safety parameters to HMI.

September 9, 2015   by PLANT STAFF

295_B&R-_new-safety-functions_ACOPOSmulti_wB&R Automation has updated the safety functions for its ACOPOSmulti servo drives to include Remanent Safe Position (RSP) and Safely Limited Acceleration (SLA) functions, and machine options for SafeMOTION parameters that improve system availability and user-friendliness.

RSP allows SafeROBOTICS SLS, SLP and SLO functions to be used without homing after every power-on cycle.

SLA monitors the acceleration or deceleration of an axis. If the limit being monitored is exceeded, the SafeMOTION module goes into an acknowledgeable error state.

The SLA safety function reduces the maximum remaining distance coupled axes move if an error occurs. The speed limit set in the SLS SafeROBOTICS function is configured closer to the point, where there is real danger.

Machine options transfers safety parameters to a SafeMOTION module, which updates parameters via the HMI application on the operator panel.

B&R is a manufacturer of industrial automation technologies based in Atlanta.

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