Sensors measure liquid levels accurately

4-20 mA output signal.

February 24, 2015   by PLANT Staff

167_automationdirect_Prosense-submersible-level-sensors-5x7AutomationDirect’s ProSense line has added SLT submersible level transmitters for lift station monitoring, construction by-pass pumping, tank liquid level, wastewater, and slurry tank liquid level control applications.

Two styles provide liquid level measurement by continually sensing hydrostatic pressure produced by the height of liquid above the sensor with a 4-20 mA output signal that’s compatible with PLCs, panel meters and data loggers.

A slim 1-in. diameter housing and a ported bullet nose cap protect the diaphragm. A large 2.75-in. diameter PTFE flexible diaphragm surrounded by a 316 stainless steel non-fouling protective cage boosts reliability.

They’re fitted with a shielded cable containing an atmospheric vent tube and a tough polyurethane jacket with an exclusive “water block” liner beneath the jacket. The cable is attached to the sensor using an over-moulding process that prevents moisture intrusion.

Automation Direct is a supplier of industrial automation equipment based in Cumming, Ga.

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