Rolling mill innovation from NSK

Four-row, sealed tapered bearing increases service life.

December 16, 2019   by PLANT STAFF

Water-resistant grease. PHOTO: NSK

Rolling mills typically use pairs of work rolls to move slabs of steel or other metals into specific shapes such as sheets. Bearings carry these heavy loads at high speeds in high temperatures while under constant exposure to water sprays and metal particles.

Severe conditions lead to premature bearing failure from damage conditions such as flaking. This creates coarse regions within the bearing that eventually make it inoperable.

Failures also result from rust and water used for cooling.

NSK Ltd. has developed a four-row, sealed tapered roller bearing for rolling mills with water resistant grease that extends service life even under severe conditions.

The new grease provides a thicker oil film and protective layer between the raceway and rollers. Grease additives also inhibit corrosion.

Bearing manufacturer NSK Ltd. is based in Ann Arbor, Mich.

This article appeared in the October 2019 print edition of PLANT Magazine.

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