Reduce arc flashes

Power panel lock out.

April 26, 2012   by PLANT Staff

Kirk Key Interlock Co. and Utility Relay Co. (URC) have teamed up to minimize arc fl ash risk. A power panel switch with door interlocks from Kirk are combined with URC’s Quick-Trip system to reduce arc fl ash hazards when feeder breakers are racked in or out for maintenance.

The PPS switch and door interlocks come in standard, medium and heavy duty configurations to replace a standard padlock, which does not provide isolation or ensure proper activation.

The system prevents access unless the Quick-Trips system is engaged.

Turning the Kirk PPS key activates the arc hazard system and releases the key. The released key is then
used in the next sequence, releasing the keys needed to unlock the feeder compartment doors fitted with
interlocks. The feeder compartments must be locked and the keys returned before the fi rst key needed to
turn off the Quick-Trip system, will be released.

URC is a manufacturer of microcontrollers based in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Kirk Key, based in Massillon, Ohio, produces mechanical interlocks, electro-mechanical interlocks, solenoid key release units, time delay key release units, and transfer panels. 6

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