Purify transformer insulating oils

June 24, 2014   by PLANT STAFF

40_High-Vacuum-Transformer-Oil-Purification-SystemHVTOPS and DOPS oil purification systems from Oil Filtration Systems remove impurities from dielectric insulating oils in either transformers or circuit breakers to keep them clean and dry.

The manufacturer of oil purification systems based in Boerne, Tex. says the systems improve dielectric strength to meet or exceed 40 Kva per ASTM D877 as well as improve interfacial tension to meet or exceed 40 dynes/cm per ASTM D971. They remove 100% of free water and 99% of dissolved water to achieve an overall moisture content of less than 10 ppm.

Dissolved air and entrained gases are removed to less than 0.25% of overall content. The systems also remove all carbon and particulate contamination down to 1-micron, and can remove acids to achieve .05 mg KOH/gm or lower.

Both systems, available in sizes from 5 to 44 gpm, are effective for use on paraffin, naphtha-based or silicone-based insulating oils, as well as Envirotem FR3 insulating oil.

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