Punch improves productivity

10.1 tons of punching pressure.

Hou-513-Hole-PunchersHougen Manufacturing’s electro-hydraulic hole punching machines improve productivity when working with harder, more elastic materials that tend to grip.

A lightweight single body construction punches holes in steel in as little as 2.3 sec. The Ogura 75002.5PR and 75004PR models include a “power retractable” system that reverses the punch.

The 25-lb. units are easy to operate because there’s no need for a lift or assistance. Both models use only electricity to power the motor and self-contained hydraulic system. No additional hydraulic pumps or hoses are needed.

The 75002.PR provides 10.1 tons of pressure to punch holes up to 19 mm in diameter through material as thick as 6.4 mm and oblong holes up to 14 x 21 mm.

The 75004.PR has an increased punch pressure of 16.9 tons for round and oblong holes in materials up to 9.5 mm thick.
Both units handle flat bar, H-steel, angle iron and channel steel.

They’re available in 120 and 130 V options and include a work stand for placement on a table and a foot switch for hands-free operation.

Hougen Manufacturing is a manufacturer of magnetic drills based in Swartz Creek, Mich.

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